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>Predator: Hell & Hot Water

Predator: Hell & Hot Water
By Mark Schultz, Gene Colan, Gregory Wrigh

  • Publisher: Dark Horse
  • Number Of Pages: 88
  • Publication Date: 1998-03-04
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1569712719
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781569712719
  • Binding: Paperback

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Book Description:

Two days ago, the crew of a Chilean fishing vessel saw something fall from the sky — a vision that at times took on material definition and flickered with an electricity of its own. Captain Cromartie has a pretty good idea what’s down in those cold waters — he’s pretty sure he’s fishing for Predators. But knowing what you’re fishing for and knowing how to catch it are two totally different things.

Summary: Good story, bland art
Rating: 3

I thought the premise of this book was quite interesting, and although it was too short to really develop the characters to their fullest, they ended up being quite interesting and sympathetic. I liked the idea of setting the action underwater as well. The only problem for me was that I didn’t like the art. I had been under the impression that the cover art was indicative of the quality of the inside art, but aside from a few pictures done by the cover artist the style is very sketchy, which is alright by itself, but the characters are very indistinct and it’s often very hard to tell what’s supposed to be happening. Weird transitions and vaguely defined figures make the action rather confusing a lot of the time. I wish it had been refined more before publishing.


Summary: More Fun than A Murderous Bathtub Toy
Rating: 4

In my opinion, this installment of the continuing Predator saga was actually better than many pieces of feedback seem to imply. The art is actually above average, the storyline – brought to us from the Southern Chilean Coast – is done fairly well considering the watery implications on a normally landbound struggle, and the Predator is in enough of it to keep from overwhelming the reader with the drudgery of meaningless combat while still posing a threat.

The story setup is as follows:
A fishing vessel located several miles from one of the archipelagoes that make up the Southern Chilean Coast find themselves in a fast-moving weather front. While riding out the gargantuan thunderstorm in its tow, they notice something unusual; first a deafening roar and then something of an electrical ghost that first hovers, tries to ascend, and then crashes into and slips below the water’s surface. Enter an array of stunningly foolish humans who, after theorizing that the “bogeys” (yes, they do know about the Predators and their atypical hunts in only the most humid of regions) were attracted to these frigid waters by some seismic activities, decide to go and play tag with the Predator. This, of course, leads to deaths, plenty of them, and to some strange discoveries in an undersea cavern that show why the Predator was really here.

As I said before, this was interesting because it removed the Predator from the trappings of its blandly overplayed normality, plus it had some other elements that were, in a word, odd. If you only want fighting and nothing more, however, skip it. If not, however, you should at least give it a once over.

Summary: HELL AND HOT WATER – PREDATOR : ok but not great.
Rating: 3

The artform in this one is kinda unusuall. ,, but works pretty well, though it wasnt the coolest stuff i’ve seen … story is kinda different too,, predators hunting for prey deep down in the sea… of course some stupid humans find out about the hunters and get smacked.. not much predator in this one.. if youre a predator fan , you should check it out, if youre just an average comic reader this one aint nuthin special…

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